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Mono Case M80-SS-BLK

Mono Case - M80-SS-BLK

Artnr: IDS0089079
Tarneaeg: 8-14 tööpäeva.

54.00 EUR/pcs

Igakuine kuumakse alates 9.18 eurot


Whether you wear it or stash it in your suitcase, the Shogun Stick Case allows you to travel light without ever missing an opportunity to play. Well appointed with rugged materials, the Shogun is a stealthy top-opening stick case that fits just the essentials – a couple of pairs. Designed to hang off of a floor tom or stand, and built to withstand the most intense urban environments.



Designed to fit 3-5 pairs of sticks, including bundles and mallets.

Weight: 8 oz