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Tired of dragging those drums around in bulky cases? Or worse, have you been dragging them around without any protection at all? Then you need these ultra-cool drum bags from Gator! Made from lightweight-yet-tough 600-Denier nylon, each of the five bags included in the GP-STANDARD-100 set has a padded and lined interior, comfy carrying straps, and heavy-duty zippered closures. You get a snare bag, a bass drum bag, a floor tom bag, and two sizes of rack tom bags. These bags are compact and collapsable, so they won't take up a lot of room offstage.

Gator GP-STANDARD-100 5-piece Padded Drum Bag Set Features at a Glance:

22" x 18" bass drum bag (interior dimensions)
12" x 10" tom bag (interior dimensions)
13" x 11" tom bag (interior dimensions)
16" x 16" floor tom bag (interior dimensions)
14" x 5.5" snare bag (interior dimensions)
Durable 600-Denier nylon construction
10mm padded and lined interiors
Comfortable carrying straps
Collapsable, compact design
Reliable, heavy-duty zippered closures