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Zomo Flightcase CDJ-10 XT Black

Zomo - Flightcase CDJ-10 XT Black

Artnr: IDS0010871
Tarneaeg: 14-20 tööpäeva.

82.00 EUR/tk


The Zomo Flightcase CDJ-10 - there is probably almost no one who has not waited for this case. It is an universal case for transporting of 10 "devices. With the included foam inserts nearly all 10 "units fit this case. So you can carry your Pioneer CDJ-400, Pioneer CDJ-200, the DJM 400 or the Numark Axis 4 / 9 safely without any problems. Removable lid and the removable insert element at the front built by zomo to boost the comfortable. Consequently its the most comfortable way to transport any 10" CD-Player.

Compatible for:
- Pioneer: CDJ-350, CDJ-200, CDJ-400, DJM-400
- Numark: Axis 4, Axis 9
- …and many other 10“-devices

• Professional design
• Pro quality for the hardest missions
• Aluminium profiles
• Solid Corners
• Extra solid construction
• Comfortable handle
• Lockable by an optional pad lock
• Clean and interior

Technical Data:
• Dimensions: 430 x 310 x 195 mm
• Weight: 3,70 kg