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Stay Keyboard Stand TOWER 130cm - 2-Tiers, 4 Arms - Black

Stay - Keyboard Stand TOWER 130cm - 2-Tiers, 4 Arms - Black

Artnr: IDS0077971
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252.00 EUR/pcs


The Stay Music Tower keyboard stand is a lightweight and transportable piece of kit perfect for touring musicians. Fold down the legs and two tiers of arms for easy packing. Supports two 76 key keyboards with absolute stability.  

About Stay Music
Stay Music are a Brazilian company founded by two brothers, dedicated to making sturdy, reliable and high quality aluminium musical equipment. Stay implement a combination of carbon steel and aluminium in their products to provide superior strength, lightness and durability.

Application: Support for Keyboards / Peripherals
Comes with: 01 base 10º  + 01 pair of arms / stringer 380mm, 01 Straight Base + 01 pair of arms / Strut 450mm, 01 complete kit passes tower cables + Transport Bag Note
Maximum height: 1200mm
Capacity: Supports keyboards with up to 76 keys
Maximum Weight Capacity: 120kg (Do not exceed 40.0kg per pair of spars)
Material: Aluminum
Finishing: Special painting
Weight: 5.8Kg