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Quik Lok WS-561

Quik Lok - WS-561

Artnr: IDS0051253
Tarneaeg: 2-7 tööpäeva.

73.00 EUR/tk


Add-on Vertical Back Spins for use with WS-550

Needed to convert a WS-550 to a modular workstation starter frame for customized configurations
Add on any of the many options offered for the WS-500 system to customize your own set-up.

Options: QL-634, QL-635, QL-636, QL-636S, QL-637, QL-638, QL-639, QL-648, QL-649, QL-650, WS-551, WS-552, WS-553, WS-554
Height range: 42" to 49.7" - 107 to 126 cm
Width: 27.2" - 69 cm
Weight capacity: See weight capacities of individual components
Weight: 14 lb- 6 kg