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Vox AC15HW1X

Vox - AC15HW1X

Artnr: IDS0013606
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The all new Vox Handwired amps are here. The AC15HW1X is powered by a duet of EL84 power tubes with an EZ81 rectifier and a trifecta of 12AX7 preamp tubes for pure classic Vox tone. The traditional Vox two channel design has been used with Normal and Top Boost channels with some extra features. The Normal channel features a Bright switch for extra sparkle on those darker sounding guitars while the Top Boost channel has an added Hot/Cool switch for bypassing the tone stack. This allows for the guitar signal to directly hit the power amp for more gain and power. The new Vox Handwired amps also feature a Master Volume for playing at lower levels but there is also a Master Volume bypass for cranking up and getting all the tone of the power amp as well. Lastly, there is an output mode switch for cutting the output power in half for those quieter sessions or for getting that Vox drive at lower levels.

•Birch Ply Cabinet with High Frequency Diffuser
•Hand-Wired Turret Board Construction
•Tube Compliment:
•Three 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
•Dual EL84 Power Tubes
•EZ81 Rectifier Tube
•Top Boost and Normal Channels with Dual Inputs
•Bright Switch (Normal Channel)
•Hot/Cool Tone Stack Bypass (Top Boost Channel)
•Master Volume Bypass Switch
•OP Switch for ? Power Operation
•Vintage Fawn Tolex
•Celestion Blue Alnico Speaker
•Includes Footswitch and Dust Cover