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Marshall 4100 - JCM900

Marshall - 4100 - JCM900

Artnr: IDS0013708
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The Marshall JCM900 4100 Guitar Tube Amplifier Head is an all-valve 100 Watt Marshall Head, known for its great tone and reliability.
The Marshall JCM 900 4100 Amplifier Head also features two channels, A and B. Channel A has been voiced for a sparkling clean on lower gain settings, building up to a raunchy crunch when driven hard. Channel B takes off from where Channel A finishes with acute use of the gain and EQ controls. This achieves a perfect sound for any lead tone from silky smooth to searing saturation.
Each Channel also has its own master section containing controls for Master Volume and Master Reverb. A Series Effects Loop with level controls lets you connect and match either floor pedals or rack effects.
The Marshall JCM900 4100 Amplifier Head main features include:
•100 Watt Output (RMS)
•4 Band EQ
•3 X ECC83 Pre-Amp Valves
•4 X 5881 Power Amp Valves
•Series FX Loop
•Dimensions (mm): 750 x 310 x 220
•Weight: 18.8kg