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Marshall 1974CX

Marshall - 1974CX

Artnr: IDS0013768
Tarneaeg: 8-14 tööpäeva.

497.00 EUR/tk

Igakuine kuumakse alates 17.55 eurot


The Handwired Series is ongoing and, in addition to the 1974CX speaker cabinet, will feature some of the world's most sought after, vintage, all-valve Marshalls. This represents the first time Marshall has offered a handwired product in recent years. Like the originals, these new handwired amps share simplicity of operation and natural valve tone! If you demand the very best, a Handwired Series amp is for you!

Perfect addition to the Handwired 1974X combo
Sonically true with aged speakers
Original components live up to Point-to-Point Perfection!
20-watt, 15-ohm, mono 1x12" cabinet
Designed to partner the Handwired 1974X combo
Exclusive, "aged" reissue of the original 20-watt, ceramic magnet, Celestion Greenback T1221 12" speaker
Replica of the grey and white striped "Bluesbreaker" grille cloth used on the originals
High-grade, Baltic birch cabinet with finger-locked joints