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Quik Lok BS-313 Speaker Stand

Quik Lok - BS-313 Speaker Stand

Artnr: IDS0015863
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35.00 EUR/tk


Quik-lok BS313 Small Tilt-Back Stereo Speaker Stand.

The Quik-lok BS313's tilt-back design adjusts for exact positioning from the floor while the straight back brace will not interfere with open-back cabinets.

The "Dino-bite" locking disc system provides secure, non-slip adjustments. Other features include: all-steel, arc-welded construction, soft, rubber rest pads hold amps firmly in place, adjustable leveling foot compensates for uneven floors.

Quik-lok BS313 stand features include:

•Side to side width: 10" - 25.4cm
•Front to back depth range: 11.8" to 15" - 30 to 38cm
•Front tier height range: 8.25" to 11" - 21 to 28cm
•Back tier height range: 11.4" to 18.6" - 29 to 47.2cm
•Brace tube size: 20mm x 15mm
•Tier tube diameter: 28mm
•Weight capacity: 75lb - 33.9kg
•Weight: 3.7lb - 1.7kg