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Palmer PDI 03 - Speaker Simulator with Loadbox 8 ohms

Palmer - PDI 03 - Speaker Simulator with Loadbox 8 ohms

Artnr: IDS0056091
Tarneaeg: 7-14 tööpäeva.

579.00 EUR/tk

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The PDI 03 Speaker Simulator and Loadbox from Palmer is designed to combine load impedance, a signal splitter, and DI box into one device specifically designed for use with guitars. Instead of being connected to a loudspeaker, the PDI 03 connects directly to the amplifier output allowing power amplifiers to be operated to saturation without troublesome volume problems. Two switches are featured on the front of the device for shaping the simulation sound. Nine filter presets are featured for adjusting the cabinet size and general sound. A front knob allows you to control the level of the filter output. Four unsimulated line outputs are included in the back of the device for sending the signal to effect units, or to take it to your recording device to apply software-based simulation as opposed to using the simulated output. For live monitoring, speakers may be connected while the reactive load is automatically switched off. The power handling capacity of the device is 100W RMS without speakers.
Outputs are transformer isolated
4 unsimulated line outputs
Front switches and knobs for quick sound adjustment
1U height