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Orange DIVO OV4 - 4 Way

Orange - DIVO OV4 - 4 Way

Artnr: IDS0083342
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365.00 EUR/pcs


Ever felt as though you'd rather not pay an amp technician to rebias your amp's power valves?  You wouldn't be alone in this.  And now you don't have to, as you can now buy the Orange Divo OV4 self fit kit with TubeSync technology!

This awesome bit of kit automatically adjusts the bias of your power valves, ensuring their full potential is realised.  It helps monitor your amplifier's performance and singles out any faulty valves as and when they fail, keeping them running at half power until you can change the valves.  You can even experiment with different tubes in each socket without the need to modify the amp and increase your power valves lifespan! Imagine never having to suffer the humiliation of your tubes going dead midway through a performance...

Engine Maintenance for your amp!
Once set, the Divo OV4 repeatedly micro-adjusts the bias current for each valve, making sure you're always running at peak efficiency.  Not only that, but when there's no audio present (inbetween sets / performances) the bias current of your valves is automatically dropped in order to reduce wear and tear, and then instantly reinstated once audio is detected.

Should a valve develop a fault, or even fail entirely, the OV4 automatically shuts off the affected pair and remembers which ones are at fault, alerting you via warning LEDs and keeping a record of how many hours use the amp has had both with and without audio.

The OV4's jack socket connects to a standard footswitch, letting you determine just when to switch the amp between full and half power, with the 'share the wear' function remembering which valves you used last time and alternating them to keep the wear as even as possible.  I've even seen some guitarists use two completely different pairs of valves (in one case 2 x 6L6s and 2 x EL34s) and make use of the footswitch to give them a totally different tone when switching from one to the other.

This excellent bit of kit is appropriate for most Class A/B fixed bias amps fitted with Octal output valves.  However, if you have any questions regarding your amps compatibility with the Divo OV4 contact Orange directly (info@omec.com) before making the purchase.  The Divo OV4 also comes complete with the End User interface free of charge, enabling you to make custom configurations for your amplifier.

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