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Celestion G12-65 15R

Celestion - G12-65 15R

Artnr: IDS0051431
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Hand-assembled at our facility in England, the Celestion Heritage Series speakers are faithful re-creations of the genre-defining drivers that stacked up behind the most influential guitar players of all time. As the precise design, raw material specifications and manufacturing techniques evolve to accommodate new technologies and processes over the years, so the sound of a speaker shifts in subtle increments which, taken collectively, significantly modify the tone. The Celestion Heritage process identifies the most desirable version of a driver from a given point in time, and sets about the painstaking process of regressing the speaker development back to its origins to recapture the particular sonic qualities of the era.


Originally created in the late 70s using more modern materials and techniques for a higher power handling, the G12-65 is widely regarded as one of the best speakers ever produced for use in a 4x12 cabinet. With its fast attack and tightly controlled low-end, the G12-65 had become a firm favourite with hard rock players by the early 80s. The precisely tuned mid-range and crisp defined top-end contribute to an aggressive crunch sound that punches through the mix while the mid-range warmth and detail give weight and depth to single notes.

Sensitivity: 97dB
Chassis type: Pressed steel
Voice coil diameter: 1.75",44.5mm
Voice coil material: Round copper
Magnet type: Ceramic
Frequency range: 80-5000Hz
Cut-out diameter: 11.1", 283mm
Diameter: 12.2", 309mm
Overall depth: 5.0", 127mm
Unit weight: 7.7lb, 3.5kg
15 Ohm