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Celestion G10 Vintage 8R

Celestion - G10 Vintage 8R

Artnr: IDS0051523
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

92.00 EUR/tk

Igakuine kuumakse alates 5.92 eurot


The G10 Vintage is a 10" speaker with tons of attitude. Using a powerful ceramic magnet and the same voice coil design as the Vintage 30, it packs an impressive punch with its 60W power handling. With the fast response of a 10" but with the strong and creamy vocal tones of a 12", the G10 is the ideal choice to add depth to hollow-sounding amps, or for players who want to get humbuckertype girth from single-coils. Can be used singly to add vocal warmth to small valve combos, or in quartets for a weightier but still lively attack.

Sensitivity: 97dB
Chassis type: Pressed steel
Voice coil diameter: 1.75",44.5mm
Voice coil material: Round copper
Magnet type: Ceramic
Frequency range: 100-5500Hz
Cut-out diameter: 9.0", 229mm
Diameter: 10.1", 256mm
Overall depth: 4,1", 104mm
Unit weight: 5.3lb, 2.4kg
8 Ohm