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Celestion CDX14-3050 8R

Celestion - CDX14-3050 8R

Artnr: IDS0051453
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274.00 EUR/tk


Patented phase plug design method suppresses cavity resonances at higher frequencies

Titanium diaphragm, deep drawn to increase stiffness and reduce distortion

Lower compression ratio reduces air non-linearity and allows for higher maximum SPL

Rolled polyimide surround improves stiffness control, further lowering distortion

Curved coherent wavefront, optimised for horn loading


Power rating: 75W RMS
Nominal impedance: 8ohm
Frequency range: 500-20,000Hz
Sensitivity: 106,5dB
Recommended min. crossover: 1000Hz (12dB/oct)
Voice coil diameter: 75mm/3in
Diaphragm material: Titanium
Surround material: Polymide

Overall width: 125mm/5in
Overall depth: 56mm/2.2in
Fitting: Flange (4 x M6 holes on 102mm/4in PCD
Throat exit: 35,6mm/1.4in
Unit weight: 1,7kg/3.7lb