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Celestion BL10-100X 8R

Celestion - BL10-100X 8R

Artnr: IDS0051439
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For those that bring the low-end rumble and thunder, Celestion is proud to offer a full range of powerful bass speakers. Whether your style is deep, warm pulsating grooves, percussive rhythmic slap, or all points in-between, Celestion bass speakers deliver your sound with punch and bold authority, ensuring you underpin the band with every note and run.

Green Label drivers is characterised by an extended low end and greater linear excursion and push out every note with a rich, warm tone and a powerful low-end thump.

Green Label speakers are primed for high-powered rock performances, where a full-bodied, warm, defined tone is essential.

Suited for 45-65L vented boxes


Nominal diameter: 254mm/10in
Power rating: 100Wrms
Sensitivity: 94dB
Cut-out diameter: 229mm/9in
Diameter: 256mm/10.1in
Overall depth: 107mm/4.2in
Unit weight: 2.4kg/5.3lb
8 Ohm.