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Engl E610 Savage 120

Engl - E610 Savage 120

Artnr: IDS0034062
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1927.00 EUR/tk

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Superquick response and attack for the modern rocker.

One of the best-known Engl heads, the Savage 120 head sets new standards in modern rock music with its unique sound. Fast response and attack plus punchy headroom and dynamics are the trademarks of this workhorse. 4 basic sounds plus lots of handy features make the Savage 120 amp head the ideal choice at the heart of a modern rock rig.

Four channels: Clean, Crunch 1, Crunch 2 and Lead assigned to two main channels
Four gain pots and a separate volume control for each channel
Rough/Smooth mode selector for the Crunch 2 and Lead channels
Diverse switching functions
2 voicing sections and 2 master volume controls
Number of Signal paths