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ENGL E312 Rockmaster 40

ENGL - E312 Rockmaster 40

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Vintage Voicing & Style
The RockMaster 40 Combo is the big brother to the RockMaster 20, and based on the highly regarded GigMaster. As its name suggests, the RockMaster is voiced towards the various tones used in the rock genre, from crystal cleans through to light overdrive and onto full-on tube saturation. Through its two channels, the RockMaster will deliver a wealth of tones with its pairing of ECC83 (12AX7) and EL84 valves to provide organic compression and sustain. The amp is ideal for larger venues, and features a 12’’ Celestion Super 65 speaker to power your way across any stage.

Intuitive Control Panel & Operation
The ENGL RockMaster 40's vintage-esque grey front control panel is equipped with chicken-head control knobs and provides an intuitive user experience with maximum versatility across its two channels. With a shared EQ for tonal sculpting, the RockMaster provides additional mid-boost and gain boost for each channel which gives you even more versatility for a live setup, with the use of the external footswitch providing access to these functions remotely. An in-built reverb gives a nice on-board ambience to your sound, while the FX loop gives the option to connect your own external effects in-between the preamp and power amp. This deceptively simple amp allows you to set up your ideal gain levels for each channel, and then switch between them or have the option to add in further gain with the boost.  It will let you cover every gain level from crystal clean to saturated filth with everything in-between.

Versatile Connection Options & An Integrated Power Soak
On the rear panel of the RockMaster 40 E312, you will find the amp's Power Soak function. This allows you to reduce the power output of the amp down at stepped levels, or even off altogether for silent operation. You can get that same gorgeous tube overdrive and dynamics at much lower volumes, resulting in excellent quality recordings in different spaces, and which makes it an excellent amp for practice or smaller and more intimate performances. The speaker in the RockMaster 40 can be switched off any time, allowing you to take advantage of the speaker simulation function via the amp's line output. On top of this, there is a switchable FX loop, and the option to add additional speaker cabinets. The RockMaster 40 also has the capability to have footswitches connected enabling you to achieve full control over channel switching, reverb, mid-boost, and the FX loop without having to walk over to your amplifier. This is a professional amp in a compact and portable format with enough features to keep you happy on and off the stage.

Dual channel with shared EQ
Individual gain controls per channel
Drive channel volume and master volume
Mid-boost and gain boost switches
Digital reverb on-board
Power soak and speaker defeat
40 watts through ECC83(12AX7) and EL84 valves
Celestion Super 65 12’’ speaker
Capacity: 40 Watts
Integrated Power Soak: Full Power (40 W), 5 W, 1 W, Speaker Off
Preamp Tubes: 2x Ecc83 (12ax7)
Power Amp Tubes: 4x El84
Speaker: 12-Inch, 8-Ohm Celestion Super 65
Two Channels: Clean And Lead,
Effects: Built-In Digital Reverb
Controls:3-Band Eq: Bass, Mid, Treble
Master Volume
Fx Loop For External Effects Pedals And/Or Processors
Mid Shape (Mid Boost) And Master Volume Boost
Separate Gain Controls
Separate Volume Control Per Channel
Connectors:Instrument Input: Mono Jack
Foot Switch Input (Fx Loop Off/On, Reverb): Mono Jack
Foot Switch Input (Mid Boost/Clean/Lead): Mono Jack
Fx Loop (Send + Return): 2x Mono Jack
Balanced Line Output (Frequency Compensated): Mono Jack
Speaker Outputs: 1x 8-Ohm, 2x 8-Ohm, 1x 16-Ohm
Switchable Functions Via Optional Engl Z-4 Foot Switch:Clean/Lead
Reverb On/Off
Fx Loop On/Off
Mid Boost On/Off
Separate Power And Standby Switches
Robust Housing With Black Vinyl Covering
Matte Black Front Panel With Black Chicken-Head Knobs And Black Speaker Grille
Rubber Handle On Top
Weight And Dimensions:Weight (Incl. Packaging): 25.0 Kg
Dimensions (Incl. Packaging): 60.0 X 55.0 X 36.0 Cm