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Seymour Duncan  Forza Overdrive Pedal

Seymour Duncan - Forza Overdrive Pedal

Artnr: IDS0075119
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190.00 EUR/pcs

Igakuine kuumakse alates 10.13 eurot


The FORZA is a highly adjustable and transparent overdrive pedal for players who want more gain without losing the natural voice of their guitar.
While many overdrives emphasize particular frequencies, the FORZA gives you a more even spread across the entire frequency range.
Perfect as a stand-alone leave it on all night source of classic overdriven and distortion tones through a clean amp
o 37 dB of gain on tap
Add extra dirt and drive to an already dirty amp
Crank the Level and turn back the Drive control to tighten up and add enhanced speed and pickup attack
Add warmth and articulation to your solos and rhythm tones
Works perfectly with the Palladium and Killing Floor