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TC Helicon Sing Thing

TC Helicon - Sing Thing

Artnr: IDS0062754
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431.00 EUR/pcs

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If you sing and play acoustic-electric guitar or keyboard, the TC-Helicon SingThing speaker with vocal processing has everything you need to put on a great performance. If you're playing intimate venues as a solo performer you can use it as a PA system — if you're fronting a band, you can use it as an advanced personal monitor speaker and vocal processor. Featuring TC's acclaimed harmony engine and vocal processing suite, you'll be able to deliver studio-quality vocal sound. With a built-in performance looper, a powerful 150-watt speaker, over 200 song- and artist-inspired tone presets, and much more; the TC-Helicon SingThing speaker is an outstanding, feature-packed performance system.


  • Multi-purpose vocal monitor, vocal harmony processor, and portable PA speaker
  • Clear, loud sound driven by 150 watts of power
  • Easily mounts to any standard mic stand with the unique one-click Friction Grip system
  • Fine-tune your vocal sound with built-in Intelligent EQ, compression, and reverb
  • Compatible with Mic Control-equipped microphones and Switch-3/Switch-6 foot controllers (sold separately)
  • Easily send your vocals to the main sound system, with or without the built-in processing and effects
  • BodyRez effect for your guitar delivers richer, more resonant tone than you usually hear from your acoustic-electric guitar's pickup system
  • V-Loop performance looper with automatic tempo function, undo/redo, and unlimited overdubs
  • Over 200 artist- and song-inspired tone presets
  • Harmony engine intelligently creates vocal harmonies based on guitar or keyboard input
  • USB port for system updates