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Pigtronix Mothership 2 Analog Synthesizer pedal

Pigtronix - Mothership 2 Analog Synthesizer pedal

Artnr: IDS0083371
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286.00 EUR/pcs

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The Pigtronix Mothership 2 is a velocity sensitive, pitch-tracking, 3-voice analog synthesizer with oscillator hard sync and pitch modulation via portamento and CV / Expression control. Housed in a compact aluminum chassis, this state-of-the-art pedal goes lightyears beyond the original Mothership, delivering a user-friendly guitar synth with real-time pitch and amplitude tracking, switchable preset tunings and a devastating Sync effect that delivers new modulation effects for guitar, bass and anyone brave enough to plug in to the analog future of Pigtronix.


Triangle, Square, SUB, voices
World’s Fastest Pitch Tracking Circuit
Variable Amplitude Tracking Sensitivity
Glide control for Pitch Following Portamento
Hard Sync Function w/ Glide Modulation
TRS Expression / TS CV input (0-5V range)
SUB output removes sub-octave from main output
18VDC operation (300mA power supply included)
True Bypass