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MXR M199 Tap Tempo Switch

MXR - M199 Tap Tempo Switch

Artnr: IDS0049803
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

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The MXR Tap Tempo switch features adjustable tip/ring configuration so you can control the delay time of a wide variety of delay pedal types. This pint-sized footswitch is ruggedly built for a lifetime on the road.


Run an instrument cable from your pedal’s external switch jack to the M199’s INPUT jack. The EP103 Echoplex® Delay only requires a normal instrument cable when connected to the M199, but other pedals may require a different type, such as a TRS cable. Consult your pedal’s manual to be sure. Tap your foot on the FOOTSWITCH to your desired tempo.


The M199 is factory-set to work with the Echoplex Delay. Check your pedal’s user manual to see its tip/ring cable requirements.
To adjust the M199’s tip/ring setup, simply remove the bottom plate to access the M199's internal switches. See Diagram A for switch configurations.

Adjustable tip/ring configuration
Ruggedly built, road-ready construction
Can be used with a variety of pedal types