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Electro-Harmonix Superego Plus

Electro-Harmonix - Superego Plus

Artnr: IDS0063663
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320.00 EUR/pcs

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Synth-like effects from your guitar
The Electro-Harmonix Superego Plus uses a sample-and-hold circuit to grab a snippet of your guitar's signal and sustains it to create a pad-like cloud of sound. To get the most out of the Superego Plus, you'll want to explore the three operation modes. Momentary mode means the effect is only active when you step on the footswitch, perfect for sustaining the last note of your solo. Latch mode sustains anything you play while holding down the footswitch but continues sustaining until you turn the effect back off. And finally, there's Auto mode, which transforms whatever you play into an entirely new sound.
11 footswitchable effects
An addition to the Superego Plus synth pedal is the Effect knob, allowing you to select between 11 onboard effects. Want the ambient tones of a long delay? It's in there. Or maybe you want to venture further out by adding a thick flange to your sonic bed of sound. No problem. You'll be amazed at how much control the pedal's Rate and Depth knobs offer over the effects, allowing you to dial them to taste. And a simple stomp of the Effect button pulls them from your signal, returning to an unaffected tone on the fly.
Built-in effects loops
Want even more effects options from your Superego Plus? Then you'll love that it has a built-in effects loop. Use this to add yet another sonic dimension to your tone by inserting any type of modulation, dirt, or time-based effects pedal into the Superego's signal. Whatever effects you add to the Superego Plus's effects loop will only process the wet signal of the Superego, which means you can create custom sound effects that wouldn't be possible with a single input and output.
Electro-Harmonix Superego Plus Synthesizer Pedal Features:
Sample-and-hold guitar effects pedal creates synthesizer-like sounds
3 different operation modes give you 3 very different playing experiences
Controllable glissando lets you "slide" between notes
Infinite sustain for notes and chords
Latch mode allows you to record layers of sound and play over them
Built-in effects loop lets you add additional effects to the Superego's wet sound
11 footswitchable, onboard effects with controls for Rate and Depth