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Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum

Electro-Harmonix - 44 Magnum

Artnr: IDS0013590
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

157.00 EUR/tk

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Can you really put a gig-worthy amp right on your pedalboard? Thanks to Electro-Harmonix, you can!
The incredible (and incredibly compact) 44 Magnum guitar amp head squeezes a true 44-watt amplifier
into a tough stompbox-style body. The 44 Magnum doesn't simply give you power to run your favorite cabinet;
turn it up and it actually gives you great-sounding overdrive - just what you'd expect from a real amp head!
The 44 Magnum also includes a brightness switch that lets you choose more high-end definition.
If you're looking for a super-portable amp solution or want a premium-quality backup for your existing amp,
then you can't go wrong with the 44 Magnum!

* 44 watts of power into 8 or 16 ohms
* Tone switch toggles between a neutral, flat setting and a musical top-end boost
* Maximum headroom potential
* Can be driven to a natural-sounding amplifier saturation
* Fits in the palm of your hand
* Power supply included