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TC Electronic June-60 Synthesizer Chorus

TC Electronic - June-60 Synthesizer Chorus

Artnr: IDS0080810
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46.00 EUR/tk


Classic chorus effect controlled with simple two button interface
Mould your tone using mono/stereo switch
Maintain your sound with True Bypass switch
Based on circuitry from the legendary Juno-60 Synthesizer

All the chorus you'll ever want. With so much quality sound in one small box, the TC Electronic June-60 Synthesizer Chorus pedal is something you'll never forget. For such a simple, two buttoned device, it gives your tone a super sharp edge and creates a blossoming, powerful synthesizer chorus effect at the press of a switch.

You won't need anything else. The Juno-60 Synthesizer was released in 1982, and swiftly became legendary as a result of its unique sound and awesome capabilities. Now, you can bring that very same sound to your instrument with the TC Electronic June-60 Synthesizer Chorus, which accurately recreates the Juno-60's spectacular voice.

The Sound of the 80s
Pure, Pristine Synth. If you want to take your tone on a one way ticket to '80s synth paradise, then look no further than the June-60. By pressing the True Bypass footswitch, you'll instantly add heaps of depth and synth-based goodness to your tone. This will allow you to make some seriously vibrant music, with the ability to change your sound at a moment's notice.


The two button interface makes this pedal incredibly user friendly and simple. Each mode will allow you to change the modulation tone, so you can choose a sound which bests suits your style and taste. There is also a mono/stereo switch to help you control the fullness and character of the chorus effect you have chosen. Whether using this pedal live or in the studio, the quality of sound it produces will always be exceptional.

Compact and Robust
You won’t have any trouble looking after this pedal. The June-60 Synthesizer Chorus is incredibly robust, with a strong metal chassis. It also contains quality analog Bucket Brigade Delay circuitry, which gives it its unique and powerful voicing. The simple mono input and mono/stereo output allow you to easily connect this small pedal to your rig, and it will have no trouble fitting on any pedalboard thanks to its size. If you’re looking for both simplicity and quality in your chorus pedal, then the June-60 was made for you.

Effect: Synthesizer Chorus
Controls: Modulation Tone Buttons, Mono/Stereo Switch
Power Supply: 9V DC
Footswitch: True Bypass
Input: ¼" Mono
Output: 1/4" Mono