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Black Sheep Analog Chorus

Black Sheep - Analog Chorus

Artnr: IDS0082630
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

55.00 EUR/pcs


Chorus can be heard on acoustic sources such as choires, 12-string guitars and string ensembles. It was made avaliable as an effect pedal in the early 1970’s when technology allowed for this effect by taking an audio signal and mixing it with one or more delayed, pitch-modulated copies of itself. The pitch of the added voices is typically modulated by an LFO, which makes the overall effect similar to that of a flanger, except with longer delays and without feedback.

The Black Sheep Analog Chorus is a compact, true bypass, sturdy built analog Chorus pedal with big, lush, beautiful chorus sounds in a compact pedal at a very attractive price.
It is very easy to use with just three knobs, Rate, Depth and Level.
It runs on any standard Boss-type power supply, 9V DC. With it’s tough aluminium chassis, and also chassis mounted DC inlet, you can take this pedal on the road without any hazzels.

Analog Chorus delivers a big and impressive sound at an affordable price.