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Zomo Deck Stand PowerKit PK2 (Int. Plug)

Zomo - Deck Stand PowerKit PK2 (Int. Plug)

Artnr: IDS0036591
Tarneaeg: 14-20 tööpäeva.

157.00 EUR/tk

Igakuine kuumakse alates 8.31 eurot


This smart and easy-to-install electronic kit conveniently adds a set of AC power sockets and high quality audio wiring to the Zomo Miami or Zomo Berlin MK2 Deck Stands.
When fitted to a Zomo Miami or Zomo Berlin MK2 Deck Stand this kit provides 8 x AC outlets, 2 mono XLR and 2 RCA stereo audio connections providing a simple solution for powering your setup and connecting it to the PA. All the wiring to your DJ equipment can now be managed in a clean and tidy manner. The connections between the upper and the lower power kit units are fully enclosed in the Deck Stand leg and so are not visible from the outside. The master power supply switch allows you to control the power to all the connected devices with the flick of a switch!


• Perfect fit
• Simple installation
• 8 x universal AC sockets for international use
• 2 x XLR mono connections and 2 x RCA stereo connections
• Master power switch
• Suitable for the Zomo Miami MK2 or Berlin MK2 Deck Stands
• CE