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iConnectivity PSU 6V (MIDI2+)

iConnectivity - PSU 6V (MIDI2+)

Artnr: IDS0065611
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35.00 EUR/pcs


iCP6V (replaces iCP2NA) 6V 18W Optional Power Adapter

Optional power adapter for use with the iConnectMIDI2+ that will charge iOS devices and power the iConnectMIDI2+.

The power adapter is only necessary for keeping an iOS device charged; the iConnectMIDI2+ itself is powered over the USB bus (in USB Device port 2).
Please use only the iConnectivity 6V/18W center positive supply, or you risk damaging the device. This adapter operates over a range of 100-240V/50 or 60Hz, so it can be
used internationally with wall plug adapters.


Input Voltage Range: 100V RMS to 240V RMS
Input Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Output Voltage: 6V +/- 0.15V DC
Rated Power Output: 18W (min)
Rated Supply Current: 3A (min)
Over Voltage Protection (shutdown): 110% to 150%
DC Plug Type: 2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD, Positive Center, Barrel length 12mm.
*Does not support iConnectAUDIO2+