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EBS PCF-PG18, Flat Patch Cable Premium Gold 18 cm

EBS - PCF-PG18, Flat Patch Cable Premium Gold 18 cm

Artnr: IDS0065642
Tarneaeg: 2-7 tööpäeva.

7.00 EUR/pcs


If you have ever struggled with limited space on your pedalboard, we share the pain with you.

To end the frustration we’ve designed the truly unique, super compact and affordable EBS Flat Patch Cables.  Cables that won’t let you down on sound and flexibility, and at the same time reduce the space needed between pedals to a minimum.

The elegant Premium Gold (PG) series are the most exclusive and features 24K Gold plated contacts with even smaller housing than the original EBS PCF-Deluxe (PCF-D) cables.

Double shielded cables and very low resistance keep your signal path clean and strong all the way through the pedalboard.
Extremely compact size and flexible cables ensure effective use of ALL space on your pedalboard.
Available in four lengths to cover your needs; 10, 18, 28 and 58 cm.
Since the introduction, these cables have made thousands of customers happy. We hope you will become one of them too.*

Buy the cables at local stores and online dealers all over the world.

* Great customer reviews and very few reported failures from hundreds of thousands sold cables so far.