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Planet Waves PW-GMMS-10

Planet Waves - PW-GMMS-10

Artnr: IDS0057631
Tarneaeg: 2-7 tööpäeva.

32.00 EUR/tk


A great cable should sound like one thing and one thing only—you. Planet Waves cables are engineered for clean, clear, uncolored tone. Double-molding, double insulation, and double shielding help your cables last a lifetime and protect your sound. Useful innovations ensure fail-safe connections, speed set-up and tear down, and help your music sound its best. On stage or in the studio, from the garage to the grand stands, the cleanest distance between two points is Planet Waves.


Patent-pending swivel XLR plug easily fits in tight coffin cases.
Double-insulated, double-shielded cable provides ultra-clean signal.
Exclusive Planet Waves overmolded connectors provide extra protection with unmatched strain relief