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MXR Pro Series Instrumentkabel 6m

MXR - Pro Series Instrumentkabel 6m

Artnr: IDS0059388
Tarneaeg: 1-7 tööpäeva.

42.00 EUR/pcs


MXR Pro Series instrument cables are designed with extreme quality awareness in terms of both noise and noise. The conductors are made of acid-free copper (OFC) keeps the sound clean and a 95% coverage OFC spiral shield blocks unwanted noise disturbances while keeping the cable flexible and easy. The cable is covered in thick PVC, which both protects the cable, makes it flexible and prevents it from collapsing - it can handle tough scenes without problems. First-class metal connections with a black rubber coating provide extra connection stability. Available in 10 and 20-foot lengths, both straight and straight-angled. These cables should not be broken during normal operation. Therefore, MXR proudly announces limited lifetime warranty worldwide.