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DAP Audio 6.3mm MO > 6.3mm MO 3m [2x1.5mm2]

DAP Audio - 6.3mm MO > 6.3mm MO 3m [2x1.5mm2]

Artnr: IDS0037512
Tarneaeg: 2-7 tööpäeva.

7.00 EUR/tk


DAP Audio provides you with excellent speakercables in many various models and specifications. All cables are specially designed for tough –on-the-road" use and live stage-applications. Furthermore the DAP speakercables feature a wide dynamic range of low noise, high capacity wiring, made of oxygen free copper.

• –Road-Proof" but flexible
• High capacity & wide dynamic range
• Oxygen free copper
• Professional quality connectors
• Many various models for any audio configuration