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Yamaha EMX5014C

Yamaha - EMX5014C

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The Yamaha EMX5014C Powered Mixer is the perfect band and club system. It has 10 channels, 14 inputs, and a host of features that add up to advanced mixing capability including selectable power: 500W, 200W, or 75W per channel. The Yamaha mixer's exclusive single-knob compressors on mono channels one thru six allow you to tame unruly vocals or tighten the bass. PFL switches allow you to monitor individual channels, and each channel has an on/off switch so you can instantly move channels in or out of the mix. The Yamaha FCL (Feedback Channel Locating) system makes locating and eliminating feedback easier than ever. 80Hz high-pass filters eliminate low-end rumble. Yamaha Speaker Processing (YSP) provides optimized matching with speakers, for clean, solid reproduction that will deliver your music with maximum impact. A 9-band graphic is assignable, and power can be configured as main + main, main + aux 1, or aux 1 + aux 2. Signal and peak indicators make monitoring easy, and another LED signals power amp overload and limiter activation. Onboard digital multi-effects with 16 programs. The Yamaha EMX5014 stereo mixer has it all, plus Yamaha sound quality.
14-input, 10-channel mixer
Single-knob compressor on first 6 channels
FCL (Feedback Channel Locater) system
80Hz high-pass filters for eliminating low-frequency rumble
Channel on/off switch on each channel
Channel PFL switches
Peak and signal indicators on all input channels
Linear Aux 1 and Aux2, and Effect return faders with AFL switches
Stereo master faders with PFL and AFL monitor switches
Limiter indicators signal limiter activation due to power amp overload
Speakon and 1/4" phone jack speaker output connectors
Power amplifier output selector: 500W, 200W, or 75W per channel
YSP (Yamaha Speaker Processing)

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