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Soundcraft Si Performer 1

Soundcraft - Si Performer 1

Artnr: IDS0080915
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All the features of a digital desk with the usability of analogue. The Soundcraft Si Performer 1 boasts an easy-to-use one-layer menu structure – one control has one function. Boasting the equivalent of 448 rack units in DSP, the Si Performer 1 gives you everything you need at your fingertips. A 4-band fully parametric EQ allows for comprehensive frequency control, while full dynamic processing, LCR panning, and a stereo effects engine provide you with endless mix options.

The Soundcraft Si Performer 1 features a huge mix capacity. With 16 mono mic inputs, 8 line inputs, and 80 channels to mix overall you’ll have all the creative room you need. And not only that – the Performer 1 gives you the ability to create multiple mute and VCA groups, as well as sub-mix and FX busses.

Light and Sound
Control light and sound simultaneously with a built-in DMX interface. Perfect for smaller venues, the Si Performer 1 eliminates the need for a separate lighting desk by allowing you to create vivid automated light shows straight from the mixer itself. With four layers of separate DMX control you can create individual presets which can be faded between. Light and sound settings can be stored alongside each other using snapshot settings to ensure easy control of both. Recall snapshots of your performances from the push of a button. Run entire events straight from one desk.

Soundcraft’s intuitive FaderGlow™ system automatically colour-codes your mix channels for a streamlined workflow. By assigning individual colours to pre-fade, post-fade, matrix, stereo input, FX return, VCA, GEQ, and DMX controller channels you’ll always stay on top of your mix.

16 Mono mic Inputs
8 line inputs
80 channels
Freely assignable faders and patching
Soundcraft FaderGlow™
Colour backlit LCD screens per fader
GEQ on every bus
20 sub-group/ aux busses
4 FX busses
8 Matrix busses
LRC Mix busses
LCR panning
4 Stereo Lexicon Effects engines
Delay on inputs and outputs
8 Mute Groups
8 VCA Groups
AES in and out
DMX interface and control
Freely assignable insert loops
Harman HiQnet integration
Colour touch screen interface
Frequency Response: +/- 1.5dB, 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Mic Sensitivity: -30 dB   0.01% @ 1 kHz
Noise:Residual Noise: -86dBu
Mic Input E.I.N. 22Hz - 22kHz, Unweighted. (max gain)
126dBu (150Ω source)
Mix noise, masters at unity 1 input to mix at unity gain -84dBu
CMRR mic @1KHz (max gain) -80dBu
Crosstalk:Channel ON attenuation <120 dB
Channel Fader attenuation <120 dB
Mic – Mic -100dB @ 1KHz, -85dB@10kHz
Line – Line -100dB @ 1KHz, -85dB@10kHz
Input Gain:Mic Gain -5dB – 58dB integrated pad design, 1dB steps
Line Trim -10dB - +16dB
Gate:Threshold -60dBfs - -6dBfs
Depth -60dB - -3dB
Attack 0.1ms – 200ms
Release 20ms – 500ms
Side-chain HPF 22Hz – 2.5kHz
Side-chain LPF 160Hz – 20kHz
Compressor:Threshold -52dBfs - -6dBfs
Ratio 1:1 – 20:1
Attack 0.1ms – 200ms
Release 5ms – 900ms
Makeup Gain 0dB – 24dB
EQ:All Bands 22Hz – 20kHz, +/-15dB Q 6-0.3
Shelf (HF) 800Hz – 20kHz, +/-15dB
Shelf (LF) 20Hz – 500Hz, +/-15dB
HPF 40Hz – 1kHz
Delay:User adjustable delay 1sample – 500ms
GEQ 31Hz – 16kHz 1/3 octave
GEQ:31Hz – 16KHz 1/3 octave
Digital I/O:AES Sample rate converter range 8kHz – 200kHz
External Word Clock In range 48kHz +/-7Hz (internal systems), +/-3Hz with stageboxes
Word clock out jitter +/- 7ns
Analogue out for 0dBfs +21.5dBu
Converter resolution 24-bit
DSP resolution 40-bit floating point
Latency:Mic In to Line Out <0.8 ms
Analogue in to AES out <0.6 ms
AES in to Line Out <0.8 ms
AES in to AES out <0.5 ms
Stagebox Mic In to Stagebox <0.9 ms
Input and Output Levels:Mic Input +22dBu max
Line Input +22dBu max
Mix Output +21.5dBu max
Headphones (@150Ω) 300mW (recommended impedance 75 to 200Ω)
Input and Output Impedances:Mic Input 3kΩ
Line Input 10kΩ
AES Input 110Ω
Outputs 150Ω (balanced), 75Ω (unbalanced)
Word Clock used as Output 50Ω
Word Clock used as Input 4K7Ω
AES Output 110Ω
DMX 120Ω
USB:Max current 200mA
Lamp Output:12v DC 100mA max (per socket)
Power:Consumption (typical) AC Input voltage range 88-264VAC auto sensing
AC Frequency range 47-63Hz
Operating Conditions:Operating Temperature Range 5°C to 45°
Humidity 0%-90%, non condensing Ta=40°C (104°F)
Storage Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Dimensions: 523 x 483 x 193 mm
Weight: 15 kg