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Soundcraft Si Expression 1

Si Expression 1

Soundcraft - Si Expression 1

Artnr: IDS0017950
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1996.00 EUR/tk

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Built on the success of the Si Performer and Compact Digital Mixers, the Si Expression series is Soundcraft's answer to the new trend in the pro audio industry for affordable digital mixers. The Expression line comes in 3 sizes: 16 channels, 24 channels, and 32 channels. They are essentially slightly stripped down versions of the Performer series.

Each of the 3 Expression models feature on-board mic inputs/preamps, 4 line inputs, 8 matrix buses, 4 FX busses with Lexicon effects engines, LR and C mix buses, 20 subgroup/aux buses, color touch screen and lots more. They also feature 1 expansion I/O card slot with various different cards on the way including MADI and Firewire. With the optional MADI card, you will be able to bypass the built in preamps for the new Mini and Compact Stageboxes that also being released using a simple CAT5 connection.

•16 Mono Microphone Inputs
•4 line inputs
•Color Touch Screen Interface
•66 Channels To Mix Possible
•Pre/Post Selection per Input per Bus
•Soundcraft FaderGlow™
•Graphic Eqs on Every Bus
•20 Sub-Group / Aux Buses
•4 FX Buses
•8 Matrix Buses
•LR and C Mix Buses
•4 Stereo Lexicon Effects Engines
•4 Mute Groups
•Harman HiQnet Integration