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Rane Black & Blue BT/USB Mixer

Rane - Black & Blue BT/USB Mixer

Artnr: IDS0081872
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288.00 EUR/pcs


The Black & Blue is a simple, mono input-selector/mixer/amplifier with (3) discreet channels of Bluetooth®, 3.5mm line input, and USB computer link for playback or recording. Inputs can be selected for monitoring individually, or all inputs mixed at once.

Application examples are...

Meeting Rooms (Bluetooth® A headworn mic, computer program through USB, XLR line out to powered speakers). Unit in mixer mode for mixing sources.

Coffee Bar (Bluetooth® A mobile device, Bluetooth® B is TV audio, Bluetooth® C is barista headworn mic for calling orders...amplifier out to full-range speakers and XLR out to subwoofer. Unit in mixer mode for mixing sources.

Trade Show (Bluetooth® A is tablet streaming music, Bluetooth® B is presenter headworn mic...XLR out to powered speaker, and USB out streams to laptop computer to record the presentation. Unit in mixer mode for mixing sources.

Bluetooth Version: 4.2
Range: 27m - range is affected by walls, obstructions and movement. For optimal performance, place the product in a location that is unobstructed by walls, furniture, etc.
3 discreet Bluetooth®-registered inputs with individual volume controls and antennas
Pairing buttons and status LEDs (blue) for each Bluetooth® input
Class compliant USB audio for computer recording and playback
3.5mm line input (disconnects USB input audio)
Pre-fader signal LEDs (green) on each channel
Source selector for solo monitoring or Mix All mode
Shelving Bass and Treble Mix EQ
Master volume control with 3-color LED (green, yellow, red)
Power LED (yellow)
XLR line output (+20 dBu balanced)
20W mono Class-D amplifier