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Radial - SUBMIX

Artnr: IDS0047825
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Radial Engineering's Radial Submix 4x1 Line Mixer for Keyboards/500 Series Racks is an ultra quiet 4x1 mixer module designed to fit the 500 series format and enable the studio engineer to combine multiple audio stems such as line level devices and effects together and route them as needed. The Submix is also suited for keyboards, samplers and drum machines where these need to be mixed into the audio chain.

There are four 1/4" unbalanced inputs on the front panel. Separate level controls for each input are clearly designated for easy manipulation. These are equipped with dual-gang Accustate circuits that simultaneously set the input sensitivity and the gain to maximize signal-to-noise. This enables both instrument and line level signals to easily be interfaced without the need for a typical level reducing pad. The Submix employs a traditional virtual-earth mix-buss circuit topology. This delivers quiet performance even when several Submix modules are combined via the Omniport mix-buss input.

The single-space Submix may be used alone, or doubled-up for full stereo operation. When used with a 3-slot Radial Powerstrip, you can assemble a 12x1 keyboard mixer for live use. With a Workhorse, you can build a 32x2 analog summing mixer or combine various modules to create unique multi-band effects.

The Submix is a 500 series module designed to handle four sources and mix them via a series of four front panel controls. Because the Submix does not incorporate effects or equalization, it is very quiet and behaves well within its -10 dB to +12 dB working range. The Submix delivers great audio with less than 0.002% distortion at all frequencies.

Accustate input control, simultaneously adjusts the sensitivity and gain for maximum signal to noise. Use to adjust input levels for each of the four channels.
Channel ID
Large, easy to see input level and channel identification numbering improves workflow efficiency.
XLR Input
The power rack accepts a balanced input and sends it to chancel 1 on the Submix.
The Submix routes the 4 channel mix to the XLR output on your 500 series power rack.
Designated as a virtual-earth mix-buss input, it enables multiple Submix modules to be used together when used with a Workhorse to create 8x1, 12x1 or larger mixers.
Four separate 1/4" inputs to connect keyboards, drum machines, effects returns and other unbalanced line level sources.
Low Noise Electronics
Virtual-earth mix buss and high performance ICs combine with Accustate auto-padding input to deliver low noise and minimal distortion at all levels.
Steel Shaft Potentiometer
Eliminates problems associated with plastic shafts for greater durability. Dual wafer through-hole solder points for improved long-term performance.
Double Layer Front Panel
Steel construction adds rigidity to reduce stress on the PC board.
Isolated 1/4" Connectors
Made from glass-filled nylon, it helps noise. Features gold plated contacts that will not tarnish over time.
Sub-Assembly Board
The ribbon cable makes servicing easy and should ever a 1/4" connector fail, simply unplug and replace.
Galvalum Casing
The back plate and fully enclosed casing provide extra shielding from modules that may emit excessive magnetic fields.
Steel Stand-Offs
Since it's not made from plastic, it assures longer life.
Gold Plated 15-Pin Card Edge
Double-sided to ensure positive connection to the receptacle for improved mating connection.
Mil Spec Circuit Board
Features double-sided PCB and full ground plane to assure lowest noise and durability for years of trouble free performance.
Using the Submix with Keyboards:
The Submix is a great mixer to mix keyboards into your recording system. Use two together for stereo by sending the left outputs to one and the right outputs to the other.

Using the Submix with effects:
Use the Submix as an effects return when combining multiple pedals. It works with guitar pedals, line level devices or use it to record instruments.

Using the Submix for auxiliary inputs:
The Submix makes it easy to bring tape returns and stereo feeds into your 500 series rack. Just plug in and set the levels.