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Power Dynamics PDM-S1203

Power Dynamics - PDM-S1203

Artnr: IDS0084403
Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva.

523.00 EUR/pcs


The professional PDM-S1203 12-channel stage mixer is a product in a series of high-quality stage mixers. Equipped with a DSP effects processor, USB in / output for easy connection with computer for music recording, stereo 9-band equalizer, etc. Each channel has a 3-band tone control available (in stereo mode a 4-band) and a rotary knob to adjust the crossover frequency. The high level of pre-amps ensure that the sound quality is maintained and that the sound is dynamically produced optimally. Other useful features are available to create a perfect mix. This stage mixer is ideal for mobile applications, even when used intensively. Very suitable for a.o. bands, on stages and in studios.
MP3 recording/playing via USB port
+48V phantom power
Stereo 9-band EQ
MP3 digital display
Mute switch each channel
99 DSP effects
Karaoke reduce noise function
3-Band EQ each channel
Supplied with 19" brackets