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Behringer X-Touch Extendeer

Behringer - X-Touch Extendeer

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f you're outgrowing your X-Touch, you don't need a whole new control surface — get the Behringer X-Touch Extender instead. The X-Touch Extender is a great way to expand the functionality of your current rig, and you can do it affordably. This feature-packed extender is loaded with eight touch-sensitive motorized faders, eight rotary encoders, and 32 illuminated buttons, in addition to dynamic LCD scribble strips and 8-segment LED meters for each channel. The X-Touch Extender can also be used as a standalone controller and is compatible with HUI and Mackie Control protocols.

Universal compatibility
Integrating the X-Touch Expander into your existing rig is as effortless as it gets. It supports both HUI and Mackie Control protocols, so it works seamlessly with nearly every DAW. Setup is as easy as connecting a standard USB cable, or if your DAW supports RTP-MIDI (Real-time Protocol), the X-Touch Expander also features a built-in Ethernet interface.

8 touch-sensitive motorized faders and more
A comfortable mix surface makes the job infinitely easier. That's why Behringer loaded the X-Touch Extender with eight fully automated touch-sensitive faders. Every piece of automation that you write can be seen in real-time, reflected in the faders' movements. Most importantly, these 100mm motorized faders feel great under your fingers, so working on them is a joy. The X-Touch Extender is also loaded with eight rotary encoders and 32 illuminated buttons — everything you need to take control of your mix.

At-a-glance visual feedback
To work efficiently, you need to easily see what's going on. The X-Touch Extender takes this into account, by virtue of a dynamic LCD scribble strip on each channel. Thanks to these scribble strips, you can see which track and parameter you're adjusting without resorting to tape-and-marker labeling. Each channel also sports an 8-segment LED meter for keeping an eye on your levels.


Behringer X-Touch Extender Features:

A cost-effective way to expand the functionality of your X-Touch control surface
8 fully automated touch-sensitive 100mm motorized faders
8 rotary controls with LED-collars for on-the-fly adjustments
32 illuminated buttons initiate common functions like track arm, solo, and mute
8 dynamic LCD scribble strips for at-a-glance confirmation of track names and parameters
8-segment LED meters on each channel for keeping an eye on your levels
Uses HUI and Mackie Control protocols for compatibility with nearly every DAW
Setup is as easy as connecting a standard USB cable
Built-in Ethernet interface for DAWs that use RTP-MIDI
2-port powered USB hub for connecting additional controllers
Can also be used as a standalone controller