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Behringer X-MADI

Behringer - X-MADI

Artnr: IDS0029131
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The Behringer X-MADI 32-Channel MADI Expansion Card for X32 Digital Mixing Console is designed to expand the recording capacities of the mixer through the MADI or AES10 protocol. The card plugs into the expansion port on the back of the mixer and provides 32 simultaneous bi-directional channels of I/O through two optical duplex SC-plugs (IEC874-19) or through two BNC terminals. The optical sc-plugs support multimode fiber optic cable lengths of up to 2 km and the BNC terminals support 75? coaxial cables up to 100 m. The BNC terminals can be used simultaneously with the optical SC-plugs as a redundant network for fiber optic installations.

The system supports both the 56-Channel MADI format (AES10-1991) and the 64-Channel MADI format (AES10-2003). With the card installed, the X32 digital mixing console will allow you to select a 32-channel block out of the available 64 MADI channels.