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Yamaha DZR315

Yamaha - DZR315

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The Yamaha DZR315 Powered Loudspeaker is a 15-inch, 3-way active loudspeaker designed for commercial applications. The Yamaha DZR315 is comprised of a three-way design with a 15-inch low-frequency, 8-inch mid-frequency and 2-inch high-frequency driver. The DZR315 boasts an integrated Class-D amplifier providing 2000W of maximum power and an incredible 143dB SPL. The loudspeaker delivers a powerful low-end with articulate mids and shimmering highs. The loudspeaker is equipped with 96kHz DSP processors for high-resolution sound and ultra low-latency performance. It also includes Advanced FIR-X tuning, providing exceptional clarity and sound imaging. The rear of the speaker features an LCD screen with 2-channel inputs for controlling your input sources and settings.

Three-Way, Class-D Amplified Design
The Yamaha DZR series is the latest range of loudspeakers from Yamaha. What sets them apart from previous Yamaha loudspeakers is the innovative fully-integrated smart design. The loudspeaker is comprised of a 3-way design with a 15-inch LF driver, a 2-inch HF driver and an 8-inch mid-range driver. At the heart of the DZR loudspeaker is the premium-grade Class-D amplifier, providing up to 2000W (Peak) power, more than enough for a wide range of applications. The LF transducer features large 3-inch voice coils in cast aluminium frames and a lightweight neodymium magnet for high power handling. It provides a tightly controlled sound resulting in distortion-free performance. The HF transducer includes a 2-inch voice coil and a 1-inch throat compression driver with a titanium diaphragm for sparkling high-end performance. The MF transducer is comprised of a 8-inch cone and a 1.5-inch voice coil provided high-end efficiency and super-low distortion for mid-range frequencies.

Advanced FIR-X Tuning & 96kHz DSP Processors
One of the most unique features of the DZR loudspeaker range is the integrated 96kHZ DSP processors, helping to provide the high-power output the speaker delivers. The result is high-definition audio performance with super-low latency. The FIR-X Advanced Tuning technology uses linear phase FIR filters for the crossover network. The FIR filters allow you to achieve a smooth frequency response, resulting in exceptional clarity and sound imaging without phase distortion. EQ filtering capabilities are also included for fine-tuning adjustments, with best-in-class SPL without signal degradation.

D-CONTOUR Multi-Band Compressor
Another innovative feature of the DZR speaker is the built-in D-CONTOUR multi-band compressor, ensuring a consistent and clear sound at any volume level. The D-CONTOUR compressor works by measuring the output of the frequency bands, then applying the optimum EQ adjustment settings, ensuring clear and clean sound even at high output levels. D-CONTOUR provides you with two settings: FOH/MAIN or MONITOR mode, allowing for detailed tuning of your PA system. The FOH/MAIN mode helps to raise lower frequencies and compensate for low-end that can be missing when speakers are used on a monitor stand or suspended. The MONTIOR mode is designed for floor monitoring applications, optimising your frequency response to match various settings.

Onboard LCD Screen
The rear of the loudspeaker features an onboard LCD screen, providing visual monitoring and navigation of your various settings. The LCD screen is accompanied by a rotary-style control allowing you to change settings such as DSP functions as well as load presets, adjust the PEQ, delay and routing. You can also store up to 8 user presets of your settings, allowing you to instantly recall them when needed. It also includes dedicated factory presets for optimised use with DZR and DZS XLR series speakers.

Versatile Design & Connectivity
The Yamaha DZR Loudspeaker range features a rotatable horn that allows for both vertical or horizontal mounting capabilities. This allows the speaker to adapt to different venue settings and acoustic dimensions. The constant directivity horns provides smooth and level coverage across your intended area, minimising roll-off for optimised audio performance. The speaker cabinets are constructed from premium-grade 15mm thick plywood, coated in an ultra-durable, military-grade Polyuera coating. This ensures maximum protection for your internal components while in use and on the move. The enclosure also includes butterfly joints, helping to reduce cabinet vibration for improved audio. The rear of the loudspeaker features 2-channel inputs comprised of XLR/TRS combination connections for microphones and a variety of other sources. It also includes an integrated USB connection for storing settings and transferring data.

15-inch, three-way active loudspeaker
15-inch low-frequency driver, 8-inch mid-frequency driver and 2-inch high-frequency driver
2-inch high-frequency driver comprised of 2-inch voice coil and 1-inch throat compression driver
8-inch mid-frequency driver for pronounced midrange
2000W Class-D Amplification
High SPL of 143dB
Ideal for portable and commercial applications
Advanced FIR-X tuning – provides smooth frequency response for stunning clarity and sound imaging without phase distortion
Powerful 96kHz DSP Processors for high-resolution sound and ultra-low latency performance
D-CONTOUR multi-band compressor provides consistent and clear sound
Speaker Type: 3-Way, Bass-Reflex
Low-Frequency Driver: 15'' Woofer with 3'' Voice Coil
Mid-Frequency Driver: 8'' Transducer with 1.5'' Voice Coil
High-Frequency Driver: Compression Driver with 2'' Voice Coil, 1'' Throat
Frequency Response: 31Hz - 20kHz
Sound Pressure Level: 143dB
Amplifier Type: Class-D
Amplifier Power: 1300W RMS / 2000W PeakLF: 920W RMS / 1000W Peak
MF/HF: 380W RMS / 1000W Peak
Coverage: 75° x 50°, (H x V)
Crossover Frequency: 700Hz (FIR-X) / 2.5kHz Passive
Input Connectors: 2 x XLR/TRS Combo
Thru/Output Connectors: 2 x XLR
Sample Frequency Rate: 96kHz and FIR Filter
Handles: 2 x Aluminium, Die-Cast
Rigging Points: 16 x M10
Dimensions: 550mm x 897mm x 520mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 41.60kg

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