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Vonyx e-x30

Vonyx - e-x30

Artnr: IDS0085700
Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva.

457.00 EUR/pcs


A subwoofer with adjustable low-pass filter between 40Hz and 250Hz. Features a 1200W amplifier, a phase switch to let the sub acoustically play along in phase with the main speakers, reproducing an excellent deep basssound ánd IN/THRU connections for line-signal-chaining to another subwoofer.
Large 18" woofer
Built-in active low-pass filter
Built-in amplifier
Deep resonance-free bass
Phase Adjustable (0 ° - 180 °)
XLR and RCA in/output
Tophat in top panel
Extra hard coating
MDF cabinet with recessed handles
Supplied per piece