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Vonyx AP1000ABT

Vonyx - AP1000ABT

Artnr: IDS0084618
Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva.

201.00 EUR/pcs


A 10" speaker in a strong ABS cabinet featuring BT technology, an MP3 player, a high quality 400W amplifier, an extremely powerful mid-low woofer and a high compression dynamic horndriver for excellent sound reproduction. Unlimited flexibility in placement due to the BT technology. The MP3 player plays audio files via USB stick or SD card. The slave output allows daisy chaining of additional speakers. The durable impact resistant moulded light weight enclosure is complemented with a tough metal grille that protects the woofer. This active speaker can be used standalone and is ideal for use in bars, restaurants, small theatres and halls, fitness and conference rooms and on stages.
Built-in 400W amplifier with crossover
10" Extremely powerful mid-low woofer
BT technology
MP3 playing via USD/SD input
Line and mic input with bass & treble controls
NL4 Output for connecting passive speaker
Wide dispersion horn
Tophat 35mm
Supplied per piece