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Mackie DRM18S

Mackie - DRM18S

Artnr: IDS0080892
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

1265.00 EUR/pcs

Igakuine kuumakse alates 39.08 eurot


The DRM Family
Incredible sound with world-renowned reliability. DRM Professional Loudspeakers and Subwoofers feature the latest technology and advanced designs to create the perfect system for a huge range of applications. This flagship series is ideal for DJs, bands, installations, houses of worship, rental systems, and more. Each DRM loudspeaker has been intelligently designed to deliver the best possible performance with crystal clear and punchy sound. Even at high SPLs. The system is easy-to-use with intuitive controls and powerful Advanced Impulse ™ DSP. Take advantage of the versatile capabilities of Mackie's DRM series, and discover a truly immersive listening experience.

Intelligent Class-D Amplification
2000W of class-leading power. The Mackie DRM18S's ultra-efficient amplifier packs a punch. It's equipped with next-gen protection that ensures your transducers remain safe. It also features Power Factor Correction technology, giving you peak performance exactly when you need it. The amplifier boasts a universal power supply (100-240V), and regulates the incoming voltage effectively, even with unstable AC power.

Advanced Impulse™ DSP
The beating heart of the DRM series. Mackie's Advanced Impulse™ DSP ensures your loudspeakers perform at their best every single night. Acoustic correction and time-alignment are achieved through precisely-tuned FIR filters, giving you the powerful sound characteristics typically only associated with huge PA systems. Sound is clear, immersive, and full of impact, even at thunderous SPLs. No matter where you are, when you need mind-blowing sound, the DRM series makes sure you get it. No inherent anomalies, no phase issues, and no muddy mids, just pure reference-grade audio.

DRM Control Dashboard™
Complete control with an intuitive design. The DRM Control Dashboard™ is equipped with a vibrant, best-in-class full-colour display. It gives you uninhibited access to your speaker's most important settings, as well as levels and metering. The dashboard is easy to use. A single knob allows you to navigate menus and adjust parameters in seconds. The DRM18S allows you to make use of a user-adjustable variable crossover point, cardioid mode, polarity inversion, alignment delay, user presets, and a system lock.

You can view the current crossover setting, as well as high-resolution metering and more, all from a single overview window. The crossover can be adjusted with ease, giving you everyting you need to match the subwoofer to any speaker system. There is also a DRM-specific mode that tailors your sub perfectly for the DRM Series loudspeakers. Setting up a directional subwoofer array is quick and easy using the built-in cardioid mode. Plus, you can save up to six presets of your own and instantly recall them, giving you quick control for a variety of venues and situations. Once you're all set, you can lock the system using a four-digit passcode.

Rugged Construction with Professional Components
This DRM series subwoofer boasts premium components for outstanding performance. A high-sensitivity woofer is housed inside robust braced plywood cabinets. The DRM18S features an 18'' high-excursion woofer that provides increased sensitivity, an incredible bass response, and outstanding reliability. No matter how demanding your situation may be, the DRM18S is designed to deliver phenomenal sound every single time. The cabinet features a tour-grade textured finish that is ready for the road. Plus, with a front-ported direct-radiating design, you can experience an exceptional low-end response.

Ultra-efficient 2000W class-D power amplifier with exceptional headroom
Universal power supply (100-240VAC) with Power Factor Correction technology
Consistent performance, even with unstable AC power
Next-gen protection circuitry protects transducers whilst ensuring peak performance
Advanced Impulse™ DSP module with precision acoustic correction for consistent sound reproduction, even at high SPLs
Linear-Phase FIR Filtering provides a significant reduction in inherent anomalies, phase issues, and muddy mids for accurate low-frequency reinforcement
DRM Control Dashboard™ with a high-contrast full-colour display and intuitive single-knob control
View current crossover setting, high-resolution metering, and more from a single overview window
User-adjustable variable crossover point allows for matching to any speaker system
A DRM-specific mode tailors the subwoofer for full-range DRM loudspeakers
Save and recall up to six presets for a variety of applications and venues
Cardioid mode allows you to easily setup a directional subwoofer array
Polarity Invert
Alignment Delay control for delay stacks
Display boasts a screensaver as well as a dimmer and contrast control
Simple system lock using a four-digit passcode
Dual independent input channels with Full-Range Direct and High-Pass outputs
Premium components and cabinet design
Road-ready 18mm plywood construction with internal bracing for optimal acoustic performance
Tour-grade textured finish with a powder-coated heavy-gauge steel grille
Front-ported direct-radiating design for maximum punch and a deep low-frequency response
18'' high-excursion woofer provides increased sensitivity, bass response, and a reliable design capable of withstanding the most demanding applications
Maximum SPL of 135dB
Versatile configuration options, including:Flyable using the optional FB100 Fly Bar and FKDRM18S Flyware Kit
Pole cup for use with DRM Series loudspeakers and other pole-mountable speakers