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dB Technologies DVA T12

dB Technologies - DVA T12

Artnr: IDS0012864
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DVA T12 is a step up the evolutionary ladder from the successful DVA T4 line array system. Although it provides more power and has greater range, its active three-way design makes it just as easy to set up and install as its predecessor. The DVA T12 features state-of-the-art neodymium speakers and high-performance digital amps with total of 1,410W output power. In combination with top-drawer DSP and premium-quality AD-DA transformers, it delivers high-definition sonic images with massive SPL for large sound reinforcement applications. Weighing just 29 kg, this remarkably compact unit belies its unobtrusive look by enabling you to set up very powerful line arrays that deliver extraordinary performance.

• Long-throw system
• Fully powered three-way unit, freely scalable to setups of any size
• Sequentially configurable array segments
• High-end digital controller (DSP) on board
• Network-ready with an integrated Rdnet port
• Hardware compatible with DVA T4 systems

Amp Technology G2 digipro
Amp Class Class D
Power Supply 1500 W, PFC SMPS
HF Amp 350 W/RMS
MF Amp 350 W/RMS
LF Amp 710 W/RMS
Cooling Convection
Controller DSP 56 bit
AD/DA Converter 24 bit/96 kHz
System Presets 8, HF/Low-mid correction
Limiter Dual Active Limiter
RMS, Peak, Thermal
Crossover Frequency MF-HF 1800 Hz
Slope MF-HF 24 dB/Octave
Crossover Frequency LF-MF 420 Hz
Slope LF-MF 24 dB/Octave