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dB Technologies OPERA10

dB Technologies - OPERA10

Artnr: IDS0053150
Tarneaeg: 2-7 tööpäeva.

383.00 EUR/tk


With new OPERA series, dB Technologies has once again managed to combine industry-leading DSP processing, advanced design features and ease of use in an unsurpassed price range. New Opera offers three active speakers with woofers in three sizes: 10 ", 12", 15 ". With a combination of exceptional power and unique acoustic design, delivered both powerful and accurate audio performance, successfully adapted for playback- and live music applications.

OPERA's newly designed asymmetrical horn receives both asymmetric and double-vertical-horizontal spread, which guarantees an optimized distribution pattern. The system is equipped with a powerful 600W Class D amplifier with advanced DSP processing where the FIR filter allows the system to deliver a consistent audio performance, uniform and crystal clear from any listening position.

• 1200W Peak
• newly asymmetrical horns
• Advanced DSP with FIR therapy
• 2 input channels (mic-line / mic instr)
• Selectable output channel (link CH1 / mix channel 1 + 2)
• 8 EQ presets