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Warwick Preamp Jonas Hellborg

Warwick - Preamp Jonas Hellborg

Artnr: IDS0037736
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The Hellborg Preamp delivers extreme headroom. That means absolutely minimal noise and a capacity to deal with transients and peaks like no other bass amp before. It is designed with the quality and circuitry solutions found in the greatest recording consoles. In fact the transformer balanced DI out, although normally used to feed the signal to a PA system, is designed as direct to tape or disc recording output. There are both high and low impedance inputs provided through a combo- ¼“ (high impedance)/XLR (low impedance) jack. The EQ section provides shelving EQ for high (15kHz) and low band (40Hz) and an inductive (coil based) EQ for the mids with stepped (fixed) frequency and continuously variable gain. Choices of frequencies are as follows: 110, 300 and 800Hz for low mids, 1.5, 3 and 5 kHz for high mids. All transformers and coils are optimally shielded in MU-metal housing. Whether passive or active the Hellborg Preamp will make your bass sound better.

Input: Neutrik "combo" jack (1/4" and XLR)
Clip Indicator: Green (correct operation level); Red (clipping)
Input Gain: 66 dB
Input Impedance: 50k Ohm; XLR 600 Ohm
EQ Bass: 60 Hz, +/-18dB
EQ Lo-Mid: 110 Hz, 300 Hz or 800 Hz (selectable), +/- 15dB
EQ Hi-Mid: 1,5 kHz, 3kHz or 5 kHz (selectable), +/- 15 dB
EQ Treble: 10 kHz, +/- 18 dB
DI Output: XLR trnasformer balanced (0 dB, 600 Ohms)
Tuner Output: 0dB
Line Output: 2x +6dB