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Soundsation Pitch Black-35B

Soundsation - Pitch Black-35B

Artnr: IDS0080350
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153.00 EUR/pcs

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35W electric bass combo solid state amplifier. Thanks to his 35W power, the featured 3 way Eq and the Contour control, is a great choice for home practicing and rehearsal room. Frontal FX loop allows easy and quick outboards connections. Metal grill for a killer look.


Output power: 35W
1 channel (clean)
Controls: Master, Treble, Middle, Bass, Contour
Woofer: 10"
Input 2 (high/low)
Output: FX Loop/Headphones
Designed in Italy

Weight: 12,75 Kg
Sizes: 45(H)x3 .5(W)x1 .7(D)