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Phil Jones M300

Phil Jones - M300

Artnr: IDS0058864
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896.00 EUR/pcs


If you have had the good fortune to hear music through quality high fidelity equipment, you know what good sound is. If you haven’t...boy are you going to be surprised!

Powerful, clean, uncolored sound...and flawless reproduction is the goal of high fidelity. Let’s hear bass the way it was intended to be heard on well-engineered recordings: authoritative, tight, taut, punchy, powerful, present, smooth and throbbing. That is what the M-300 delivers in spades. Hi-fi sound for live bass.

The M-300 uses the same power output stage as our M-500 but with less power. It is a 2 channel amp with 5-band graphic EQ on both channels. Like the M-500 it use our exclusive optical limiter circuit that has a very smooth operation, which Bass Player magazine quoted it “the best on board limiter found in a bass amp”.

2% silver solder connections; 2.5 mm steel chassis; heavy duty chrome plated corners; recessed Allen bolt mounted handle; custom machined metal and anodized aluminum knobs; and much more. No details left unattended; and they scream quality.