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Orange OBC410


Orange - OBC410

Artnr: IDS0032955
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

999.00 EUR/tk

Igakuine kuumakse alates 31.92 eurot


Looking for a bass cab that sounds great and can handle high-wattage? The Orange OBC410 not only produces fat bass tones, but it can also handle up to 600 watts. Strong mids and a powerful low-end are perfect for any style you play. The distinctive orange covering will stand out on any stage. A defeatable horn lets you dial in modern and vintage bass sounds. From R&B to full-on metal, the Orange OBC410 bass speaker cabinet is ready for your next gig.


  • High-powered bass speaker cabinet with great tone
  • Handles up to 600 watts @ 8 ohms
  • Focused lows and mids
  • Selectable horn tweeter
  • Rugged design and construction