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Markbass Evo 1 Head

Markbass - Evo 1 Head

Artnr: IDS0058824
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768.00 EUR/pcs


The EVO1 is the result of the mix between classic and advanced technology evolution, is a rEVOlutionary amp that allows
bassists and guitarists to have not only just a great sound, but always the ‘right’ sound...no matter which genres and techniques you’re playing!!!

The MARKBASS EVO 1 offers six AMPS tone choices for each of the two channels, clean and distorted powered by a powerful 500W MPT power amp, and one effect per channel. It can be used with one instrument — also mixing the two channels — or as two channels amp connecting two instruments simultaneously. Controllable via Midi or EVO1 Controller.

• 500W@4ohm / 300W@8ohm;
• classic interface
• two separate channels
• mix CH1 + CH2 two instrument simultaneous
• 6 virtual amps tone choices
• 1 effect per channel programmable via software
• tuner
• FX send/return 1 and 2
• XLR cab simulated output
• MIDI controlled